Secure funding

Several programmes offer partial funding for strengthening projects. ​

These programmes often require building owners to match the funding provided. Find out more about the options in our Funding section. 

Funding your project

If you do not have cash available you may need to raise funds. The Ministry for Culture and Heritage provides fundraising advice and information on crowd funding. 

Fundraising advice – Ministry for Culture and Heritage website

Crowd funding – Ministry for Culture and Heritage website

You may also have to raise finance privately. If so, talk to your lender early in the planning process. Get guidance on how much you can borrow and what assurances they might require – such as pre-leasing and insurance cover.

Government funding is also available for other building upgrade elements. If you are seeking to improve the energy performance of your building the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) may be able to help. EECA provides feasibility funding for some larger commercial buildings (typically with a floor area greater than 1,000m2) where upgrades have energy efficiency potential.

Funding and support for energy efficiency – EECA Business website