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Before you engage an engineer to scope the project and its costs, make sure you have as much information on your building as possible – council archives, original plans, architectural drawings, previous engineering reports, heritage status reports.

Check with your council what information they hold on the building (e.g. plans, evidence of earlier additions and alterations, an assessment of the heritage values).

The more information your engineer has about your building, the more accurate their advice can be. It can also help avoid invasive and expensive testing.

Find out more about engaging an engineer, what questions to ask them, and what they will do in the Find an engineer section.

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Check out the section outlining common hazards and potential engineering solutions.

Strengthening issues and solutions

If your engineer proposes work that impacts the heritage fabric of your building, you may need an architect’s advice on the best way to maintain heritage values. Find out more about engaging an architect, what questions to ask them, and what they will do in the Find an architect section.

Find an architect

Find out what others have done in our case studies section.

Case studies

If your building is in a regional area with a medium or high seismic risk, you may be eligible for a Heritage EQUIP Professional Advice grant to support this work.