14 Sep 2018

Snapshots of Heritage EQUIP in action

Heritage EQUIP has supported more than twenty earthquake-strengthening projects from around New Zealand to date.

These photographs of projects currently under way provide an insight into the different types of buildings that are being strengthened through Heritage EQUIP, as well as the different solutions various projects are utilising.

Completing strengthening projects often requires building owners to 'peel back' the layers, to reveal foundations and other original structural elements. As such, these photographs depict the dusty, messy business that often preceeds the transformation of buildings back to their former glory.

Projects in this selection include the Milton Street substation in Christchurch and Mid City Plaza in Napier.

Milton Street Substation, Christchurch

The exterior of the Milton Street Substation prior to strengthening works commencing.


Work begins at the Milton Street Substation. This image shows work beginning on improving the strength of the foundations.

This image shows the steel reinforcing being used to strengthen the foundations of the Milton Street Substation.


Demolition begins on added interior walls on the mezzanine level.

The mezzanine level with added internal structures removed.

The mezzanine level of the Milton Street Substation with all added internal structures removed, and old paint removed from the brick walls.


Mid City Plaza, Napier

The exterior of Mid City Plaza in Napier, prior to strengthening works commencing.


This photograph shows the beginning of interior demolition within the Mid City Plaza buildings, prior to earthquake-strengthening being carried out.


Interior demolition work in full swing. Once completed, earthquake-strengthening works will begin, which will include adding new foundations and replacing the first-floor diaphragm.


This image shows the removal of the original first-floor diaphragm in the Mid City Plaza buildings. The concrete slab was found to have been constructed without reinforcing, so is being completely replaced.

A close-up of the original first-floor concrete slab in the Mid City Plaza buildings that is being replaced. The 'waffle' slab floor was formed using empty tin cans to reduce weight (visible on the right).