Other funding sources

There are several sources of funding for earthquake strengthening projects. You may be able to access more than one of these funding sources, although conditions are likely to apply.


Heritage New Zealand National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund

Heritage New Zealand administers the National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund. It provides funding to encourage the conservation of nationally significant heritage places.

The fund is open to private owners and gives priority to heritage places of national significance where conservation work is planned and could be improved through extra funding.

Heritage New Zealand and Heritage EQUIP funding advisors coordinate efforts where possible. In general, if your building is on the New Zealand Heritage List, you are eligible for Heritage New Zealand funding. However, if it is earthquake-prone, applications for seismic strengthening and professional advice should generally come to Heritage EQUIP. We encourage you to contact us before you prepare your application. 

National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund - Heritage New Zealand website

Regional Culture and Heritage Fund

As well as administering Heritage EQUIP, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage also manages the Regional Culture and Heritage Fund (RCHF). 

This fund provides grants for not-for-profit organisations (including councils) that own buildings used for art gallery, whare taonga, museum, performing arts, or heritage purposes.  

Projects can involve heritage or newer buildings, and includes seismic strengthening, renovating, restoring, adding to, or constructing buildings.

The projects must be focused on improving the existing building stock or adding new buildings to our arts, cultural and heritage infrastructure.

Regional Culture and Heritage fund - Ministry for Culture and Heritage website

Provincial Growth Fund

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment administers the Provincial Growth Fund.

The fund aims to lift productivity potential in the provinces by enhancing economic development opportunities, creating sustainable jobs, enabling Māori to reach their full potential, boosting social inclusion and participation, building resilient communities, and helping meet New Zealand’s climate change targets.

Provincial Growth Fund - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website

Local council grants and incentives

Some local councils provide grants or incentives such as rates rebates for heritage building projects. Contact your local council to find out what they offer.

Local Government New Zealand website

Lottery Grants

Lottery grants may provide funding for seismic assessment reports and earthquake strengthening work for community and heritage buildings. Privately or commercially owned buildings do not qualify for this grant.

Community Matters website