How much funding is available?

Heritage EQUIP provides both retrofit and major works grants.

The two types of Heritage EQUIP grants focus on different scales of seismic strengthening works:

  • Retrofit grants are designed to support smaller seismic strengthening projects. They focus on addressing specific building parts or retrofit solutions for common hazards. Retrofit grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs up to a maximum grant of $25,000.
  • Major works grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs. Major works grants support proposed seismic strengthening projects involving comprehensive strengthening solutions for earthquake-prone buildings, including large-scale or staged projects. There is no upper limit to major works grant applications.

The type of work we fund

Heritage EQUIP funding covers a range of work which may include these construction services.

  • Careful removal, recording, transport and storage of heritage material, to give access for construction for the structural strengthening works
  • Careful removal of other materials and disposal off site, to give access for construction of the structural strengthening works
  • Provision, fitting and fixing of all materials for the structural strengthening works
  • Provision of all labour and equipment for the structural strengthening works
  • Cleaning up of the new works to so that heritage fabric can be replaced
  • Associated ‘preliminary and general’ costs (P&G) and margins, for materials and for carrying out the structural strengthening works.

The following work is not eligible for Heritage EQUIP funding.

  • Demolition of heritage buildings or structures (unless required for the seismic strengthening works that we accept)
  • Non-seismic related restoration and repair work to heritage buildings. Heritage New Zealand may be able to fund this work — talk to their specialist advisors
  • Seismic strengthening work that has already started. We may be able to make case-by-case exceptions for strengthening works which have already begun and are staged over multiple years
  • Buildings that are out of scope of the Building (Earthquake-prone building) Amendment Act 2016, for example: 
    • most residential buildings
    • farm buildings
    • retaining walls
    • fences
    • some monuments, bridges and tunnels.

To find out more about exclusions under this Act, talk to your local council.