How much funding is available?


Heritage EQUIP  funding is no longer available


Upgrade Works Grants

Heritage EQUIP supports seismic strengthening projects of all sizes by providing Upgrade Works Grants of up to 50 percent of seismic strengthening costs, to a maximum grant of $400,000.

Upgrade Works Grants cover a range of work which may include these construction services:

  • Provision, fitting and fixing of all materials for the structural strengthening works, including labour and equipment
  • The opening-up of parts of the building to access works areas, and the associated make-good required when strengthening is complete
  • Associated preliminary and general costs (P&G) and margins, for materials and for carrying out the structural strengthening works.
  • Careful removal, including the recording of what’s been removed, transport and storage of heritage material, (to provide access for construction for the structural strengthening works)
  • Careful removal of other materials and disposal off site (to provide access for construction of the structural strengthening works)


Extra support for regional projects

We recognise the extra affordability pressure that exists for regional upgrade projects.

Additional support is available for owners of earthquake-prone heritage buildings in regional New Zealand, which are also in medium or high seismic risk areas:

  • Up to 67 percent of seismic upgrade works costs (compared to up to 50 percent for main centre or low risk area projects).

Heritage EQUIP may also elect to fund the extent of works above 34% new building standard (NBS) for regional upgrade projects. Funding for the extent of works above 34% NBS is on a case-by-case basis where the heritage values at risk are particularly notable.

Applicants who wish to apply for this extra funding should contact a Heritage EQUIP fund advisor to discuss before submitting an application.


Professional Advice Grants

Professional Advice Grants are also available for eligible owners of heritage buildings in regional centres that are medium or high seismic risk areas.

This support is designed to help you focus on the initial stages of the earthquake strengthening process, because good advice at the start is likely to provide you with a better range of upgrade options.

These grants provide up to 50 percent of professional advice costs to a maximum grant of $50,000 for obtaining:    

  • Investigative reports, including geotechnical and material condition reports
  • Detailed seismic assessments
  • Conservation reports, plans and specifications (including architectural plans)
  • Structural engineering plans
  • Other Ministry-approved professional services required to safeguard the heritage values of the building(s) during seismic upgrade works.


Solutions for multiple buildings

We believe the costs of advice and strengthening work can be reduced if buildings are addressed together.

We encourage building advisors, territorial authorities, civic or heritage trusts and other qualified entities to work on behalf of multiple building owners.

Proposals for multiple buildings, in regional centres that are medium or high seismic risk areas, are eligible to receive funding of up to 67 percent of both professional advice and upgrade works costs.

Professional advice proposals may be funded up to $30,000 per building, and proposals for upgrade works may be funded up to $250,000 per building.

If you are interested in applying for a grant involving multiple buildings, please contact us to discuss your project:

Email us or phone (04) 499 4229 and ask for Heritage EQUIP.


What isn’t funded by Heritage EQUIP?

The following work is not eligible for Heritage EQUIP funding:

  • Demolition of heritage buildings or structures (unless required for the seismic strengthening works that we accept)
  • Non-seismic related restoration and repair work to heritage buildings. Heritage New Zealand may be able to fund this work — talk to their specialist advisors
  • Seismic strengthening work that has already started. We may be able to make case-by-case exceptions for strengthening works which have already begun and are staged over several years
  • Buildings that are out of scope of the earthquake prone buildings provisions of the Building Act 2004, for example: 
    • most residential buildings
    • farm buildings
    • retaining walls
    • fences
    • some monuments, bridges and tunnels.​

To find out more about exclusions under the Building Act 2004, talk to your council.

Please contact us if you are unsure of what funding is available in your situation.