Johnston and Co. Building, Whanganui

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
May 2020

Constructed in 1914, the Johnston & Co. Building is a three story Edwardian Baroque building historically associated with mercantile activity. It has a prominent location in central Whanganui, alongside the river and adjacent to the main bridge into town. 

The owner undertook a detailed seismic assessment which identified the structural weaknesses to be the unreinforced masonry parapets, top storey perimeter walls, front and rear facades, and floor and roof diaphragms.

The Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant will go towards parapet bracing and rear parapet height reduction, top storey strongbacks, installation of shear wall and floor diaphragms with robust connections and cross bracing.

The Johnston & Co. Building is scheduled as a heritage item in the Whanganui District Plan.