Hotel St Amand, Tauranga (advice)

Waikato/Bay of Plenty
Grant Type: 
Professional Advice Grant
Date funded: 
May 2019

Hotel St Amand was originally a hotel built in 1918 to a reinforced concrete-framed brick infill design by local architect Herbert Henry Clemson. It is a Heritage New Zealand listed Category 2 building.

It is the only remaining hotel in The Strand from the days when people and goods arrived in Tauranga primarily by ship and accommodation was needed nearby. Today the upstairs of the building is occupied by the Harbourside City Backpackers and downstairs is a restaurant.

Heritage EQUIP funding supported the commissioning of:

  • a detailed seismic assessment
  • concept then detailed structural design supported by geotechnical advice
  • design input from heriage architects to ensure the seismic solution reflects the building's heritage values.

Following this advice, in December 2019, a Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant was awarded for the seismic strengthening based on the detailed structural design.

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