Grosvenor Hotel, Timaru (works)

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
December 2019

The Grosvenor Hotel is situated on the corner of Cains Terrace and Beswick Street in central Timaru. It is a three-storey hotel with a cellar. It was designed by architect James S Turnbull and built by the Shillito Brothers in 1915 of brick and stone with cement and plaster. The brick and stone of the exterior created a striking polychromatic effect. The Grosvenor hosted the Queen during her state visit in 1954. 

Facing significant changes to a very large building, the owner has adopted a staged approach to the project.

Earlier in 2019 the owners were awarded a Heritage EQUIP professional advice grant of $29,100 which allowed them to secure a structural design and peer review for the seismic upgrade work.

A Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant of $300,000 for the works phase of the project will see:

  • ceiling and floor diaphragms installed in the top floors
  • timber strongbacks added to the top floor
  • restraint of the parapets
  • bracing to the top floor walls
  • and masonry ties fixed to the exterior walls.

The Grosvenor is listed with Heritage New Zealand category 2 historic place.

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