Grosvenor Hotel, Timaru (advice)

Grant Type: 
Professional Advice Grant
Date funded: 
May 2019

The Grosvenor Hotel is situated on the corner of Cains Terrace and Beswick Street in downtown Timaru. It is a three-storey hotel with cellar. It was designed by architect James S Turnbull and built by the Shillito Brothers in 1915 of brick and stone with cement and plaster. The brick and stone of the exterior created a striking polychromatic effect. The Grosvenor hosted the Queen during her state visit in 1954.

The Heritage EQUIP professional advice grant supported the owner to secure a structural design and peer review for the seismic upgrade work.

Folliwng this, in December 2019, a Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant was awarded for the seismic strengthening based on the structural design secured through the professional advice grant.

The Grosvenor is listed with Heritage New Zealand category 2 historic place.

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