Former Kilwinning Lodge, Lyttelton

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
May 2019

Kilwinning Lodge was built in 1881 on a Canterbury Street property  overlooking Lyttelton Harbour. It was originally a single-story masonry structure, named in honour of what is believed to be the oldest masonic lodge in Scotland. The building was partially gutted by fire in 1903, but when it was restored later that year the owners took the opportunity to add the façade and a timber second floor. The building continued in use as a meeting place of the Lyttelton Masonic Lodge for almost 120 years.

Well-known New Zealand artist Bill Hammond later used the space as a studio during the 2000s, until it was severely damaged in the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes. The lodge was in poor repair when structural engineering firm Structex purchased the property in 2015.

This Heritage EQUIP grant of $150,000 will allow Structex to continue with the extensive strengthening work required, which includes raising the upper floor, removal of unreinforced masonry walls, retaining, repairing and reconnecting the façade, and the addition of steel framing.

The lodge is part of the Lyttelton Township Historic Area.

New Zealand Heritage List entry - Heritage New Zealand website