East Street Mission Hall

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
December 2019

The Former Mission Hall was designed by architect Alex Wiseman and built by Lye & Sons. It is located on the east side of East Street, near Karangahape Road. When it opened 1909 it sat over 1,000 people with space for a choir and orchestra. The building also included two large classrooms and a study for the Minister. The hall has been used for lectures, concerts, fundraisers and as a meeting place for diverse groups, including the Methodist Women’s Union.

The Mission Hall’s current owners plan to repurpose the building while keeping the East Street façade unchanged. Major changes for the interior include a establishing a new intermediate floor so accommodation units can be provided on the upper level of the building. Ground floor commercial space will also be provided. 

Intermediate flooring will also strengthen the building as it braces the masonry side walls. Other work includes steel brace framing, columns, shear walls, and seismic separation from a neighbouring building. On completion of the works, the building will have a seismic strength of 100% NBS.

The Mission Hall is part of the Karangahape Road Historic Heritage Area and will be near to the new Karangahape city link station.