Devonport Flats, New Plymouth (works)

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
May 2020

The Devonport Flats, located in central New Plymouth, is a four story apartment complex that consists of three separate but architecturally related blocks. The buildings were designed by local architectural firm Messenger Griffiths and Taylor and constructed in reinforced concrete over the course of 1922-1924. The exteriors of the buildings were designed in a Stripped Classical style, and are painted in striking colours.   

In May 2019, a Heritage EQUIP professional advice grant was awarded for a detailed seismic assessment and structural design package.

Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant will go towards the following seismic strengthening work:

  • Steel K-frames installed on the ground floor – each supported by new foundation beams
  • The installation of a series of vertical tie rods: six sets of rods spanning from the roof down to the top of the K-frames and eight sets of rods spanning from the roof down to strengthened foundation points.

Devonport Flats are a Heritage New Zealand Category 2 historic place.

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