Ashleigh Court, Newtown, Wellington

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
September 2018

The upgrade project of Ashleigh Court has been awarded $183,171 in funding, in order for earthquake strengthening to take place which will see the building achieve 67% of the new building standard (NBS).

Ashleigh Court, which sits at the juncture of Riddiford and Rintoul Streets in Newtown, represents one of suburban Wellington’s most important buildings. Completed in 1908, the three-story stone masonry building was the boldest and most elaborate project devised by builder-developers John Thomas Hawthorn and Colin Campbell Crump.

Ashleigh Court’s size, height and distinctive triangular shape has meant the building has been a prominent feature of Newtown for over 100 years. It has always contained ground-level commercial spaces with private accommodation on the upper floors, although the building has been altered over the years to suit different uses.

It is listed as a Category 1 Historic Place by Heritage New Zealand and a heritage listed building in the Wellington City Council district plan.

Strengthening works will include tying the parapets and strengthening unreinforced masonry internal walls. The wider upgrade project has also been supported by Wellington City Council.

 New Zealand Heritage List entry – Heritage New Zealand website

Wellington City Council heritage listing