129 High Street, Christchurch

Grant Type: 
Upgrade Works Grant
Date funded: 
May 2020

129 High Street was built in 1927 to a design by Samuel and Alfred Luttrell in a restrained At Deco moderne style with simplified classical features. For many years a BNZ, and then a video rental premises, and situated on a prominent corner, the building acts as a bookend for an important heritage precinct in Christchurch's CBD. 

The building has been unoccupied since the earthquakes and sits on the infamous Christchurch 'dirty 30' list. The upgrade will provide for commercial space on the ground floor, an apartment on the first floor, and a second apartment in a new upper floor to be added. 

The Heritage EQUIP upgrade works grant will go towards:

  • Fibre reinforcing to existing unreinforced masonry walls and existing concrete portal frames
  • A new ground floor bracing frame on strengthened foundations
  • New concrete flooring/foundation slab to the ground floor
  • Parapet bracing.