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Discussing earthquake strengthening project with the project manager

Find a project manager

There are several options to consider when deciding on who will manage your project.


How to find a project manager

You may decide to manage the project yourself, but be aware that this requires a lot of time and expertise. 

You can also get your engineer, architect, building professional or a specialist project manager to fill this role.

Questions to ask a project manager

Ask about their expertise and experience:

  • their experience managing strengthening projects in buildings similar to yours. 

Ask to see examples of their work and how previous projects went, and find out:

  • the contact details of the owners of two or three of their projects, so you can check how the work went and ask about the quality of service the clients received; whether there were any delays and amendments, and whether they met the budget
  • how they work and communicate with the project team - engineers, builders, tradespeople, and the building owner
  • what form of documentation they use to communicate with the other members of the team, and record progress and decisions agreed
  • how they work with the local council.

Ask about their approach to your project:

  • how they plan to work with the rest of the project team, such as engineers, architects and builders
  • how they charge, such as an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

What your project manager will do

A project manager can:

  • advise who needs to be involved in the project 
  • manage the process for getting resource consent and building consent
  • plan what materials are needed and when these will be required
  • manage tenders and contract administration
  • establish a health and safety plan for the site
  • manage the relationships between the building professionals involved in your project
  • identify and resolve issues or potential problems.


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